Our Team

Group Leader
Dr Otar Akanyeti
Health Informatics

Group Leader
Dr Federico Villagra Povina
Stroke Neurorehabilitation

Prof Luis Mur
Biomarker Discovery

Prof Reyer Zwiggelaar
Clinical Imaging

Research Associate
David Langford
Chartered Health & Exercise Practitioner

University Alumni
Dan Monaghan
Ontology & Web Engineer

MPhil Student
Luke Ian Lunn
Human Activity Recognition

Undergraduate Student
Megan Taylor Bunker
Mobile App Developer

MEng Student
Nathan Williams
Mobile App Developer

PhD Student
Arshad Sher
Gait Monitoring

PhD Student
Vera N. Akpokodje
Remote Health Monitoring

MPhil Student
Jake Newall
Heart Monitoring

PhD Student
Bishnu Paudel
MRI Data Analysis

PhD Student
Cerin Brain
Diabetes Prevention

MPhil Student
Stefani Todorova Dimitrova
Cerebrovascular Accident Research

PhD Student
James Bradley Strong
Swarm Computing

Bronglais Hospital
Helen Tench
Lead Research Nurse

Bronglais Hospital
Sarah Cleary
Occupational Therapist


We extend our thanks to previous members of our team for their invaluable contributions

Brandon Stennett
Einar Dogger
Azam Hamidinekoo
Alexandros Giagkos