Research, Innovation and Education for Stroke Rehabilitation

We are an international research group based in Aberystwyth studying how stroke impacts mobility and design interventions that help meaningful recovery. Our research is highly interdisciplinary leveraging methods from Computer Science, Neuroscience, Biology, Human Biomechanics, Clinical Exercise Therapy and Psychology, and collaborative working closely with the NHS, Welsh Government, local communities, and our industry and academic partners.


Why Stroke?

Every year 15 million people in the World and 100,000 British citizens have stroke. Two thirds of stroke patients leave the hospital with a disability associated with walking, balance and coordination. It is common that stroke survivors end up living homebound with little or no physical activity (e.g. uninterrupted sitting for the entire day), and they suffer from loneliness, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. When patients do not move, they are less likely to recover and they are more likely to experience further health complications such as depression, falling, having another stroke or heart attack.

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What do we do?

We research, innovate, and educate to break the vicious cycle of stroke. We study mechanisms underlying stroke injury and recovery pathways. We work with patients to improve their physical and mental well-being through technology aided rehabilitation programs. We develop intelligent wearable systems that can be used as a diagnostic, therapeutic, recovery monitoring and follow-up tool. We also offer online courses on artificial intelligence and evidence-based rehabilitation approaches. Ultimately, we aim for democratizing stroke rehabilitation using wearable technology, robotics and artificial intelligence by making it cheaper, more accessible and personalized.

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